More Than 5 Lakh Eeco Units Sold By Maruti Suzuki


More Than 5 Lakh Eeco Units Sold By Maruti Suzuki over the eight years. The Eeco was launched in 2010 and Maruti sold more than 1 lakh units of it in two years. In FY 2014 Maruti sold another 1 lakh units of the Eeco and its demand continued developing in the payload market.

Taking into account this demand, the company propelled new Cargo variant of the Eeco in FY15 and after that proceeded to sale more than 1 lakh units of the Eeco sequentially in the following three years.

The Eeco was intended to cater the requirements of the middle class Indian family particularly in level 2 cities and furthermore to help little scale business. It has a tremendous customer base in the intra city coordinations market and is favored by the messenger and online-retail companies alongside a decent customer set of local sole-proprietors.

The Eeco is powered by a 1.2-liter, four-cylinder engine that creates 73 bhp and 101 Nm of peak torque. Maruti has additionally included a CNG variant in the Eeco line-up that conveys a high fuel economy of 21.8 kmpl and 17 per cent of total Eeco deals are ascribed to the CNG variant.

“Eeco is designed to meet varied functional needs – be it personal such as an outing with family or for business,” R S Kalsi, Senior Executive Director of Marketing and Sales at Maruti Suzuki said, “Eeco has been a partner in progress for young entrepreneurs in the country. Maruti Suzuki has consistently introduced upgrades in Eeco to stay relevant and adapt to changing needs of the customers. Customers prefer the modern design of Eeco in its segment, coupled with high fuel efficiency. We are confident to sustain a strong foothold in the segment with Eeco. We thank our customers for their support.”


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