Razer’s New Wireless Router Features Mesh Networking, Lag-Free Service


Razer’s new wireless router features mesh networking capabilities, fast and reliable Wi-Fi. Razer is entering the router market with a new product it’s claiming the fastest gaming-focused router. The company already has a whole bunch of product segments and this new wonderful addition offers gamers a new platform.

The Sila provides interruption less service when you’re playing games or streaming media. For mobile gamers who are playing competitive games like Tencent’s Honor of Kings or Epic’s Fortnite on phones and tablets, the new Sila gives lag-free service. The Razer FasTrack QoS system manages the traffic by determining what game you’re playing on your PC and even saving some of your bandwidth.

“By using deep packet inspection and adaptive learning technology, Razer FasTrack allows users to prioritize traffic based on application and device types, from mobile phones and smart TVs through to laptops, PCs or consoles. With built-in detection for PlayStation, Xbox and Switch consoles, users can easily fine tune their networks for the smoothest gaming or streaming experiences. Razer FasTrack also features a one-touch gaming mode, to automatically reserve bandwidth for online gaming,” Razer notes.

Razer says if you want to cover a large area using Sila, you can set up a mesh network at your home. Two Sila units can cover up to 6,000 square feet in a single story place.

The Sila has a built-in switch for wired connections, three LAN ports (and a WAN port) as well as a USB 2.0 port and a USB 3.0 port for external graphics. It will be available worldwide starting October 3 for $250 (€300 in the EU).



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