Missing Connection Found Between Birds And Dinosaurs


Comprehended as Icon of Evolution and missing link between dinosaurs and birds, has grown into one of the most prominent fossil discoveries in Paleontology. Now an international team of scientists have recognized a contemporary species of Archaeopteryx resembles the modern birds in evolvement terms.

Dr. John Nudds, from the University’s School of Earth and Environmental Sciences, and his group has been modernizing one of the twelve familiar demonstrations by accomplishing the elemental synchrotron examination, a form of 3D X-ray analysis, of an Archaeopteryx.

Because of this contemporary perception the team elucidates that this distinct Archaeopteryx fossil, known as ‘specimen number eight’, is physically at a closer proximity to the modern bird than it is to reptile. Therefore it is evolutionary particular and discrete enough to be recounted as a contemporary species, Archaeopteryx albersdoerferi.

The research says that some of the conflicting skeletal attributes of Archaeopteryx albersdoerferi involve amalgamation of cranial bones, varied pectoral girdle and wing elements, and a strengthened arrangement of carpals and metacarpals bones.

These features are observed more in contemporary flying birds and are not yet discovered in older Archaeopteryx lithographica species which reminds more of reptiles and dinosaurs. Illustration number 8 is the youngest of the 12 known illustrations by round about half a million years. This age gap in contrast to other illustrations is the chief factor in narrating it as a contemporary species.

Dr. Nudds elucidates that by digitally anatomizing the fossil we found that the illustration dissented with all of others.


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