Huawei Ready To Become World’s No. 1 Smartphone Brand By 2020


Huawei ready to become world’s No. 1 smartphone brand by 2020. Co.’s executive Richard Yu on Friday said that Huawei could take number spot in the industry after one year.

Huawei Technologies has already become a leading contender for every other name on the world stage. In addition, at the end of the second quarter of 2018, it has taken the position of world’s second-largest smartphone maker after overtaking Apple. And now the company aimed at taking the first spot – currently held by Samsung – by 2020.

The company is planning for G mobile technology, foldable phones as well as augmented reality glasses. Huawei is achieving things at a rapid pace, in fact, until 2010, it didn’t have own-brand smartphones of its own.

Development in mobile networking equipment made Huawei one of the biggest technology firms in China. Now, the company is known as worlds’ one of the largest suppliers.

Huawei introduced its first own-brand smartphone named IDEOS in 2010. The devices included Android mobile OS. Now 2018, the company came with handsets having original artificial intelligence chips and new unique features.

“I encourage the team to have this innovation capability, to make bold innovations, to do something which some guy feels is a little bit crazy, to challenge ourselves and the industry,” Yu said.
Yu believes that AI will become a key technology in future, bringing smartphones to the forward level.

“AI is coming. AI will be the engine for all the future services. AI will be elementary to working on many devices, it will connect all the apps, you can get all the services from this AI capability,” he said.


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