Uber Halts Taxi Service In Barcelona As Authorities Passed New Regulation


Uber halts taxi service in Barcelona as authorities passed new regulation which would limit how they work in the city. Uber has worked in the northern Spanish city Barcelona by means of its UberX service which utilizes proficient, authorized drivers, since March of a year ago.

The local Catalan government has announced that ride-hailing services can just get travellers after a deferral of somewhere around a 15 minutes from the event of being reserved.

An Uber spokesman said in a statement that, “The new restrictions approved by the Catalan Government leave us with no choice but to suspend UberX while we assess our future in Barcelona.

The new regulation came after getting pressure from the taxi drivers, which have held numerous strikes in Barcelona and stay on strike in Spanish capital Madrid.

“We are committed to being a long term partner to Spanish cities and hope to work with the Catalan Government and the City Council on fair regulation for all,” the spokesman added further.