Trump Campaign Joins 2020 Presidential Election Cycle With Massive Head Start


Trump campaign joins 2020 presidential election cycle with massive head start. As per new Federal Election Commission (FEC) filings made open on Thursday night, the most recent raising support revelations bring the total haul for Trump’s re- election exertion to more than $129 million, a record sum for a sitting American President now in the decision cycle, reports The Washington Post.

Trump’s enormous haul in the final quarter came even as the Republican Party lost its larger part in the House amid the November midterm, and as Trump’s interest for a divider at the US-Mexico fringe prompted a halfway shutdown of the government and listing presidential endorsement evaluations.

About 75 percent of the cash raised originated from donors giving in totals of $200 or less, FEC filings uncovered. In contrast to his ancestors, who held up until after the midterms to fund-raise for their re- election crusade, Trump started fund-raising for US decision 2020 soon after winning the administration.

Chief operating officer for the campaign, Michael Glassner said in a statement on Thursday that, “This is a true testament to President Trump’s fulfilment of his promises made to the forgotten men and women of America.”