Honda Will Introduce New Corporate Identity To Enrich Buying Experience


Honda will introduce new corporate identity to enrich buying experience. Honda says that the dealerships will take a leap with regards to aesthetics and overall appeal of the dealerships by revamping the exterior just as insides alongside instilling customer interface.

For example, the dealerships will get customer red coloured entry portal embodying a bold Honda logo alongside customer relax and committed space for customer collaborations. Honda is likewise presenting customer iWorkshop-a coordinated advanced workshop the executives framework which brings the workshop procedure and conventions like registration, get or drop of the car and online payment onto LED displays.

Senior Vice President & Director, Marketing & Sales, Honda Cars India Ltd., Rajesh Goel said, “The modernization of our dealer network is part of our effort to provide the highest level of premium retail experience to our customers. Customer experience at our dealerships has a lasting impact on their perception towards our brand. All the elements of the new identity have been designed keeping in mind the needs and requirement of modern-day customers.”

In the following three years, all the 350 Honda dealerships crosswise over 239 nations will receive the new theme. A year ago, at the name announcement of the Marazzo, Mahindra had likewise reported to subject its dealerships-‘Universe of SUVs’ within a year’s time and in 2017 India’s biggest carmaker-Maruti Suzuki had declared to change over the entirety of its showrooms into Arena dealerships. Following the suit, Tata Motors also had declared to redesign and digitalize its dealerships.

“We are confident that the new experience at our dealerships will amplify the ‘Joy of Buying’ for all our customers and ‘Joy of Selling’ for our dealership staff, which is at the core of Honda’s philosophy and brand,” Goel added.