UV Technology Could Help Defeat Life-Threatening Infections


UV technology could help defeat life-threatening infections. A new study states that ultraviolet (UV) disinfection technology might help fight superbug.

The study which analyzed the effects of a type of UV light technology called PurpleSun in the operating room found that the technology eliminates up to 97.7 percent of pathogens. The findings were published in the American Journal of Infection Control.

The results show that the technology can help reduce the hospital-acquired infections. The device can be used in operating rooms, patient rooms, and healthcare settings.

Some estimates found that each year in the United States, around 100,000 people die due to such infections which cost billions of dollars. During the study, scientists used over 3,000 microbiological samples from 100 different surgical cases.

The team found that the PurpleSun technology eliminated most pathogens. This unique technology has foldable partitions that it uses to surround equipment on all sides. PurpleSun also uses UV intensity in 90-second intervals for maximum effect.

“UV light technology will not replace manual cleaning and disinfection with chemicals, but it has a place in healthcare settings,” Donna Armellino, vice president of infection prevention at Northwell Health and lead author of the study explained.

“This technology can optimize environmental cleanliness, resulting in decreased pathogens that could potentially cause infection.”

PurpleSun can eliminate human error and issues of chemical disinfecting agents. The technology eliminates pathogens with optimum effect. It has the ability to affect multiple surfaces and surround all sides of a piece of equipment.