Air Pollution Increases Because Of Warming World


Climate change is increasing the temperature of the ocean but its warming land at a swifter speed and that not a positive news for air quality globally. The study portrays that the disparity in warming between the continents and sea, known as land-sea warming juxtaposition propels an increased congregation of aerosols in the atmosphere that engenders air pollution.

Aerosols are minuscule solid particles or liquid globules dangling in the atmosphere. They can emanate from organic sources like dust or wildfires or human induced sources like vehicle and industrial emissions. Aerosols impact the climate system involving disruptions to the water cycle as well as human health. They also engender smog and alternative air pollutants that can give rise to health issues for people, animals and plants.

First author Robert Allen, an associate professor of earth sciences said that a strong reaction to an escalation in greenhouse gases is that the land is going to heat up more rapidly than the oceans. This inflated land warming is also linked to expanded continental aridity.

The rise in aridity promotes lessened low cloud cover and decelerated rains which are the premium way aerosols are separated from the atmosphere. To establish this, researchers operated simulations of climate change under two scenarios. The initial conjectured a business-as-usual warming model, in which warming progresses at a consistent upward rate. The successive model investigated a scenario in which the land heated up less than anticipated.

In the business-as-usual framework upgraded land warming raised continental aridity and eventually the concentration of aerosols that promotes excessive air pollution.