Apple To Face Class Action Lawsuit For Forcing iOS Users To Buy New Chargers


Apple to face class action lawsuit for forcing iOS users to buy new chargers by updating the iPhones with new requirements around 2016, the media detailed. The suit claims that a large number of iPhone owners in the US and different nations began to encounter issues with their more seasoned iPhones around November 2016, and there were claims that iPhones stopped recognising and accepting their chargers.

The lawsuit was recorded after a user found that her old charger all of a sudden quit working appropriately with her iPhone. The documenting further notes that the chargers were additionally created by the iPhone-creator, and not an outsider organization.

Apple Insider’s report stated late on Tuesday, “Filed in the United States District Court for the Central District of California, the lawsuit identifies Monica Emerson as the main plaintiff, with the suit filed ‘on behalf of all other members of the public similarly situated.”

As per the lawsuit, this expression signified necessitating that users purchase another charger. In the interim, the Cupertino-based giant’s own help prompts if users see the accessory may not be supported warning, it could be because of various distinctive reasons, including if the frill is damaged or defective.

The report added, “In the plaintiff’s specific case, they noted an update in October 2017 for iOS, and that later on the iPhone displayed the message ‘this accessory may not be supported’ when attempting to charge. It is alleged Apple ‘forced updates to the iPhones which were specifically designed and programmed to reject’ old iPhone chargers.”