New York Second State To Put Ban On Plastic Bags


Shopping bags are made of different kinds of plastics based on their usage. The credit for the contemporary lightweight plastic bag goes to Swedish engineer Sten Gustaf Thulin. Thulin’s design generated an unembellished robust bag with high tensile strength and was patented by Celloplast in the year 1965. Traditional plastic bags are made by polyethylene which is constituted of prolonged chains of ethylene monomers.

Due to the longevity of plastic bags, they are harmful to the environment. They are not degradable therefore pose a problem to the surroundings. Every year millions of plastic bags are thrown off which causes litter when not disposed of properly. Plastic bags are so commercially viable because they are lightweight and averse to degradation.

Recently the New York litigators are bringing upon a ban on single-use plastic bags as a part of their yearly budget bill. This makes New York second state to prohibit the usage of plastic bags. The aim of this maneuver is to make the consumers more user-friendly with reusable tote bag said, senator Todd Kaminsky.  

However, the present accordance amidst litigators is to provide counties with an alternative of charging 5 cent fee on paper bags. Kaminsky who is the chairman of the environmental conservation committee said that this rule should have been applied a long time back. But he is pleased that they are taking an action now and being one of the first nations to do that.

California is the only state that has imposed a ban on plastic bags. Erstwhile California governor, Jerry Brown endorsed the law in 2014 which also permits businesses to charge 10 cents for reusable or paper bags.

New York governor Andrew Cuomo instigated a bill last year to prohibit plastic bags but had difficulty in getting passed by a Republican-led state Senate. Democrats triumphed regulation of that chamber in November. He said that the idea of banning plastic bags is a good one as it would safeguard natural resources. Till now these plastic bags have been a menace disrupting the environment and blocking the waterways and that is why this prohibition was got into the scheme of things.

The European Union voted to inflict ban on the use and throw plastic items such as straws, forks, and knives after escalating disquiet about increasing plastic pollution in oceans.