Fior Markets works with professional journalists that share the same vision and values with us. We seek competency on the topics we discuss on the site. Therefore, it’s of great importance, that we work with people that are experts on the field and posses a significant amount of experiences to provide relatable journalistic opinions.

Apurva Nagare works as a web content writer. She has been working with writing challenged clients for numerous years. She pays attention to small things like effective variations in sentence length, impressive word choice, and sentence rhythms when writing. Providing fresh and high-quality content are two aspects of her work. She takes an interest in communication as a hobbyist. Creativity is her specialty, and it’s what allows her to create unique content.
Sonia is a postgraduate of Mass Communication but her interest lies in writing. She likes writing on varied topics from politics, technology, science, health and so on. She would be glad if you could leave your feedback after reading her blog !