June 2, 2023

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10 year old thing that came out of his nose when he sneezed! The boy was surprised – the coin came out of his nose after sneezing 10 years later

Highlights of the story

  • Boy from South London
  • Is now 14 years old
  • At the age of 4 the coin got stuck

The coin stuck in the boy’s nose came out 10 years later. The boy sneezed and the coin came out … When he was 4 years old the coin got stuck in his nose. But he also does not remember exactly where the money came from. They feel relaxed when they get the coin.

Omar Qamar lives in south London. The coin got stuck in his nose as a child. Forget the incident where the coin got stuck. Even after a nose injury and going to the doctor several times, the doctor was not even able to tell if the money was stuck.

According to the report, his nose hurts more than before. He climbed the ladder holding his nose in front of the family and punched both ears. He stopped breathing through the left nostril and exhaled through the right nostril. Sneezing, the coin came out.

Mom couldn’t even believe it

His mother Nafsin said he came down after 15 minutes and stood for a while. Then the coin came out. His mom asked about this, are you serious? His mother said he could not believe he did not know this either.

Claire Hopkins, a professor at St Thomas’ Hospital in London, said: “Small children have a habit of putting something in their noses.

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