June 2, 2023

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19 cases and deaths of Corona virus Omigran variant Govt in India live today

New Corona Virus Variation Hindi News, Corona Virus Omigran Virus (Omigron Variation) Cases In India, Direct Announcements On December 2: The Government has issued new guidelines regarding Omigron. Investigations are currently underway at the airport. Passengers from high-risk countries are kept at the airport until the test report arrives.

Omicron corona virus cases live news in India: In the country, two cases of the new type of corona Omigron have been reported. Both these cases have come to light from Karnataka. According to the Ministry of Health, the two victims of Omicron were aged 66 and 46. Both of these phenomena can only be detected by genetic sequencing. However, the Ministry of Health said there was no need to fear. But the Corona protocol needs to be followed.

Cases of corona virus in the country have also started to increase very fast. Due to this, precautionary measures have been taken in many cities. In the capital Delhi, 39 new people were diagnosed with coronavirus on Wednesday. However, none of the infected have been confirmed dead. The infection rate here is 0.07 percent.

The omigron form of the Covit-19 has also exacerbated the world’s problems. Cases of infection with the new form of the virus have been reported in many places. As a result, many countries, including Japan, have tightened travel restrictions. The first case of Omigran was also reported in the United States. On November 22, a man who came to the United States from South Africa was confirmed infected. Not much is known about Omigran yet, how contagious it is, and whether vaccines can prevent it. However, the head of the European Commission agreed that it would take a long time for scientists to provide the world with further answers.

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