February 7, 2023

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21-storey building fire, deaths and Xi Jinping’s police brutality… This is how China ignited on Corona – the biggest protest against China’s Covid Lockdown and Shanghai Beijing’s Zero Covid Policy

Youth crowd in Shanghai, Beijing and Wuhan. People protested with banners, people chanting “end the lockdown, end the Chinese Communist Party”, boys and girls singing the Chinese national anthem. The world is in awe of these films from Communist China. People are taking to the streets and emerging as a movement against the government in this neighboring country of censorship, regulation and control.

One protester in Shanghai told the BBC he felt “shocked and a little excited” to see people on the streets because it was the first time he had seen such a large-scale unrest in China.

The person said the lockdown has left them “sad, angry and frustrated”. Due to the lockdown, he could not see his mother who was undergoing treatment for cancer.

In the media, this movement is known as China’s Disobedience Movement. Fed up with the Corona restrictions, the public refused to accept the current curfew and took to the road carrying banners. Chants are raised to end the lockdown in Shanghai.

City after city, the protests wave

Thousands of protesters clashed with police in Shanghai on Sunday. The demonstration started in Shanghai and has now reached Beijing, Chengdu, Lanzhou, Guangzhou, Urumqi, Hotan, Nanjing and Wuhan.

Anti-government chants in Chinese cities (Photo-AFP)

The protest broke out when the apartment caught fire

While there have been protests against the corona restrictions in China for a long time, the latest protest was sparked by a fire in an apartment building in the city of Urumqi. 10 people died in the fire. A fire broke out Thursday in a 21-story building in Urumqi, the economic capital of China’s Xinjiang region.

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During the fire, dozens of people were locked in the building due to corona. If there was no corona lockdown, the number of inhabitants would have been counted. But due to Corona, the building was overcrowded. Due to the fire, he died in agony as there was no rescue operation in this building.

When pictures of the fire hit the media, thousands of people accused the Chinese administration of not being able to properly rescue the building due to corona restrictions. People did not run and no one came to save them. Even if someone wanted to come to the rescue, the police stopped them citing corona restrictions.

Due to the lockdown, the injured could not be taken to the hospital. When the news spread on Chinese social media, people were outraged, and the flames of protest soon spread to other cities.

The protest became so widespread that the Urumqi authorities had to hold an impromptu press conference in the early hours of Saturday morning. He also clarified that the rescue operation was not delayed due to Covid restrictions. Kindly inform that the people of Urumqi are under lockdown for the last 100 days and are not allowed to come out of their houses. The road leading to the apartment is closed.

This is the first time such a big protest against Xi Jinping

Observers of Chinese politics say it is the first such protest since President Xi Jinping took office in 10 years. The protests are becoming a major challenge for Xi Jinping, who was sworn in for a third term as Chinese president about a month ago. Since the end of 2019, China has had strict restrictions to control the Corona virus. The Chinese people, fed up with a series of economic sanctions, are no longer willing to accept anything.

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Protests are taking place in several Chinese cities (Photo-AFP)

People fighting against Corona have only one slogan – No Lockdown, Freedom. The BBC reported that slogans such as the end of the Chinese Communist Party and the end of Xi Jinping were being raised.

Please tell me that this situation is in China as the number of corona cases in this country is increasing again. On November 26, there were 34,398 corona cases in China, while 40,000 corona cases came on Sunday, of which 36,000 cases were without symptoms. If we talk about the average of a week, 25 thousand 835 corona cases were reported in China this week.

Agitation in educational institutes and universities

The protests that began in China against the government’s crackdown on Covid have reached universities. Students protested at the prestigious Tsinghua (Tsinghua) University located in Beijing. Demonstrations were also seen at the University of Communication in Nanjing.

Photos and videos posted online showed students protesting for victims of the Urumqi fire and protesting at universities in Beijing and Nanjing. To avoid government repression, students in China are adopting a unique form of protest. These students are protesting with A-4 size blank paper. In fact, the police could not get any information about the protesters from these white papers. The white paper has become a symbol of resistance against Chinese censorship.