June 2, 2023

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42-year-old bodybuilder grandmother 27-year-old boyfriend shocked fans bodybuilding tips Asha

It is said that if a person is determined to do anything, he can do it easily. Nothing in the world can stop us as long as we want to stop giving up. When the intention is fulfilled, man can do anything. Proof of this is a 42-year-old American woman (42-year-old bodybuilder American woman) who listened to her husband’s joke and created a world for herself, from which she became very famous.

Wendy Levra, 42, of Nevada, USA, married at a very young age and gave birth to their first son at the age of 17. Her life was passing like a normal woman when she decided to join the gym at the age of 35. She decided to go to the gym and lose weight as her height was low and she was overweight.

The husband teased, and then Wendy jumped into the bodybuilding field
Then his coach, seeing his hard work, encouraged him to do body building and stand in competitions. On hearing this, her husband mocked her (Husband Mocked Wife for Bodybuilding). Her husband’s ridicule completely shakes Wendy’s, and to avenge her joke, she jumps into the world of anatomy. Within a few years she participated in national bodybuilding competitions, then quit her job as an insurance agent and decided to become a gym coach and divorced her husband.

Wendy with her boyfriend. (Photo: Instagram / @ fitwitwendy)

Wendy’s boyfriend is 15 years younger
Since then, he has made the gym his world. Meanwhile, she met him 15-year-old (15-year-old boyfriend) Sean O’Flattery, who is now 27 years old. Both love body building, so their bond is very strong. Now Sean is very close to both of Wendy’s sons. Wendy’s youngest son is 16 years old. The eldest son is 25 years old and has a daughter. People on social media are shocked to learn that Wendy is a mother of two and a grandmother (bodybuilder grandmother shocked people).

Wendy said important notes on body structure
Wendy said she always maintains her 72kg weight to do bodybuilding tips. Exercises 2 hours daily in the gym. She does 40 minutes of cardio in the morning, splitting the rest of the time in half in the morning and evening, and she spends it in the gym. She eats 6 meals a day and takes in a lot of protein. She also consumes carbohydrates during the off season. Their diet usually includes chicken-rice, fish, egg whites, vegetables and some fruits.

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