October 4, 2022

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67-year-old man with 3 children, Kosovo Ashes body found with female reproductive organs

The human body is very strange (Wird Facts About Human Body). It is not possible for doctors to be fully aware of this. We often hear physical news that shocks everyone. News related to one person is in much debate these days. In fact, when the spoken person went to the hospital for his surgery, the doctors discovered that there was a female genitalia from the male body.

A 67-year-old Kosovo man (Kosovo Man Has Male and Female reproductive organs) was rushed to hospital with sudden abdominal pain. Doctors thought he had a hernia and wanted to operate on him. But during the surgery, doctors found the uterus and uterus of a father of 3 children in his body. The doctors who saw this were shocked.

The male part was visible outside the human body
According to the Daily Star, doctors say there are male yoga organs and female yoga organs in the male body. Only the male organs were visible on the outside of the body, slightly bulging in the abdomen above, which at first glance looked like a male hernia, but examination revealed that it was caused by the female genitals.

Hormones cause such a condition
Doctors said the man had lived as a human throughout his life. Those who receive male and female organs from birth are usually infertile but that person has 3 children, which also surprised doctors. The patient had only one seed, but he did not face significant problems in his life. According to the report, the current practice is for doctors to remove the joints at birth, but many disagree. He believes that such people should leave it to themselves what personality they want to live with, so that once they identify themselves, they should do their surgery themselves.

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