March 28, 2023

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70kg, 7ft long alligator gar fish, older than dinosaur, father and son caught from tstf river

Both father and son went fishing in the river. So I got a fish that I never thought of. Its weight was more than 70 kg. At the same time, its length was more than 7 feet. This type of fish is said to be older than dinosaurs.

After catching the giant fish, father and son became famous overnight. His photos are going viral on social media. According to a report by Fox News, this thing comes from Alabama, USA. Here a man named Keith Dees went to the Mobile-Tenza River Delta with his son Huntley.

While fishing, he caught a fish weighing 162 pounds (72 kg, 500 g). Seeing this, both of them were shocked because they had never seen such a big fish before. Both father and son’s favorite fish is alligator gar. It is the largest species of the Gar family.

Crocodile Gar in a Boat (Photo – Facebook)

However, the alligator has nothing to do with it. It was given this name only because of its large size and sharp teeth. Alligator carfish are found in the fresh waters of the United States and can grow up to 10 feet. Its jaw is very strong. This species is older than dinosaurs and is still alive.

Last week, the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (ADCNR) said in a press release that Keith and Huntley caught the largest fish ever caught in the state. He broke the previous record of 11 pounds.

Keith Dees and his son said in a Facebook post that the fish was caught more than 2 hours after seeing it. She was about 7 feet. Somehow they made it onto their boat. Ever since she shared her photos with this fish, it has become a topic of discussion among people.

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