March 25, 2023

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8 cruise missiles destroy Ukrainian Vinnitsa city airport, says President Zhelensky | Ukraine Russia War: Ukrainian President Zhelensky says

Ukraine Russia WarUkrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky says eight cruise missiles have hit the city of Vinnitsia. He said the Vinnitsa airport was completely destroyed.

President Zhelensky has again called on Western allies to have a no-fly zone. “It is your duty to protect our people, or at least give us a plane. If you do not, we will decide to kill you slowly.”

Vinnitsia is a city located in the west-central Ukraine of Ukraine and about 160 miles southwest of the Ukrainian capital Kiev.

Zhelensky says Odessa could be attacked by the Russians

Earlier on Sunday, President Zhelensky said Russian forces were preparing to shell the historic port city of Odessa on the Black Sea coast. He said in a video, “They are getting ready to bomb Odessa. Odessa!”

President Zhelensky said, “Russians always come to Odessa. They have always felt the warmth in Odessa. Only honesty. Now what? Bombs against Odessa? Artillery against Odessa? Missiles against Odessa?” “It would be a war crime. It would be a historic crime,” he said.

Russia-Ukraine war continues for 11th day. Russian forces also advanced from Belarus in a northwesterly and northeastern direction towards the capital, Kiev, while another group bombed the northern city of Kharkiv. Many cities in Ukraine have been bombed and shelled, and the United Nations estimates that the fighting has left more than a million civilians homeless.

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