October 2, 2022

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A bearded woman feels hotter than a woman who shaves her beard twice a day tstf

Highlights of the story

  • He started growing beard from the age of 13
  • It is customary to shave twice a day

A woman’s face grows a beard just like a man’s face. When she was 13 years old, she started getting facial hair. After many treatments his beard hair did not grow. He is now 30 and has learned to live with a beard. The girl says she is happy with the bearded look and feels hot about it.

Dakota Cooke, 30, has now decided to live life proudly with his beard. Dakota, who lives in Las Vegas, USA, once shaved twice a day to get rid of the unusual facial hair. But now she wants to be bearded.

Thick beard like men

He has done waxing and shaving for many years to get rid of his beard, but now he has learned to love it. Dakota Cooke first noticed abnormal hair growth on her face when she was 13 years old. To prevent this, he resorted to waxing, shaving and many other methods, but to no avail. Now with a thick black beard on his face like men, he doesn’t even shave.

According to ‘The Sun’, it is not clear what caused Dakota’s facial hair even after several tests. But doctors believe that this may have happened due to increased testosterone levels.

Dakota says he was discriminated against for growing a facial beard. People trolled him. She used to shave twice a day to go to work. Waxing is done every week. But after a few years, she got bored with all this and decided to ask her friend to grow a beard. Dakota hasn’t shaved his beard since 2015 and lives casually with it.

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Now she introduces herself as ‘Dakota Bearded Lady’. Due to her looks, Dakota is also very popular on social media.