October 2, 2022

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A ‘flying saucer’ suddenly appeared in the lake! Know the truth – a UFO-like building suddenly appears from under the lake and people are startled by Tsty

Suddenly a huge thing like a ‘flying saucer’ or UFO appeared from inside the lake. The people of the area were shocked to see this. Once he felt a visible flying saucer emerge from under the water. However, the reality turned out to be different.

According to ‘The Mirror’ news, this issue comes from Norway. Actually it is a ‘flying saucer’ like building. Its name is salmon eye. It is located in the Hardangerfjord region of Norway. The building was inaugurated on September 2.

The exterior of the building resembles a salmon or a whale. The building houses an information center on fisheries and an art installation.

The building is 48 feet tall. The four-storey building will also house a cinema and exhibition space.

Access is via electric boats

‘Salmon Eye’ visitors will have a grand entrance. People can come here by electric boats. The building can easily withstand 13 feet high water waves.

The building was designed by Danish architect Kvarning Design. At the same time, Sondre Eide provided financial support for this project. Sondre Eide is CEO of Fjordbruk.

Kwoning Design’s communications manager, Kit Olsen, told the story behind the idea. He said, ‘As salmon come to Kanmai, information about fisheries and related production technologies will be available to people.’

Why is it named ‘Salmon Eye’?

Kitte said the exterior design of the building is shiny, matching the silver skin of the salmon. At the same time, its design has been prepared by looking at the eyes of the fish. Hence the name ‘Salmon Eye’ for this building.

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According to Gitte, the building will soon be added to Norway’s identity. Google Earth has also uploaded its satellite images.

Have to wait to see the ‘salmon eye’ from inside

The building has an open terrace on the roof where you can see the surrounding mountains and the lake in 360 degrees. However, people will have to wait to see the ‘salmon eye’. Because it has not been officially announced when it will open to the general public.

According to the ‘Mirror’, the idea to build the building came to businessman Sondre Eide 3 years ago.