June 8, 2023

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A man became rich by his ‘mistake’! Got crores of rupees – a man from North Carolina accidentally bought 2 identical lottery tickets and won 2 jackpots.

Highlights of the story

  • The man accidentally bought two tickets for the same lottery
  • But both tickets turned out to be lucky for that person.
  • He got Rs 5.5 crore on two lucky tickets.

Two lottery tickets bought together for a man from the United States made him a millionaire overnight. In fact, this person accidentally bought two tickets from the same lottery. But he turned out to be very lucky and both of his lottery tickets came out.

CTN reports that Scotty Thomas, who lives in the US state of North Carolina, has won about Rs 5.5 crore in two lotteries. Thomas said he would be home one day, so he planned to buy a ‘Lottery for Life’ ticket for Time Pass. Then he started filling out online details for lottery tickets.

Thomas said, “I actually did not know when I filled in the details twice and bought two tickets instead of one. I thought I bought only one lottery ticket. But the next day, my son told me why two different amounts of the same lottery were listed. Then I mistakenly won the same lottery ticket.” It was revealed that 2 tickets had been purchased.

‘Lie on the floor when you hear the news’

But when Thomas arrived a few days later both of his lotteries were taken. He could not believe it then. Thomas said, “I was lying on the floor for a while when I got this news. Because, I thought it was a miracle. I did not lose by this mistake and now I am very happy to have gained a little more.