October 4, 2022

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A man stranded on a deserted island spent 5 days eating lemon charcoal! – A drowning man eats 2 lemons and lives on an island for 5 days

A man ate 2 lemons and charcoal and spent 5 days on an unknown island. He drank sea water when he was thirsty. Several times the man tried to swim again, but all attempts failed.

Nelson Neddy, 51, gardener by profession. They tried to climb the rock at Grumari beach in Rio de Janeiro. Then strong sea waves came and started drowning them, but Nelson knew how to swim and escaped drowning.

Nelson swam 3 kilometers in the ocean and finally reached the deserted island of Palmas. Here he spent 5 days eating lemon and charcoal. Nelson Neddy said in an interview with a Brazilian website – ‘There was nothing, no provision for accommodation. Then I saw a cave. The next day he started searching for the things on that deserted island.

Fortunately, Nelson also found a tent, probably left behind by a local fisherman. He also saw 2 lemons lying on the ground. By eating both lemons, Nelson finished it perfectly.

He brought out a blanket from the tent and began to wave it in the air so that the attention of those on the beach would be drawn to him, but his attempt was unsuccessful.

After that Krumari again started swimming towards the beach. He even reached half way. But the waves pushed the nail back.

The second time he tried to go back with a piece of styrofoam and plywood. But the sea waves were very strong. During this he quenched his thirst by drinking sea water and eating charcoal. He has seen monkeys eating charcoal. But this return attempt also failed.

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He proved lucky when some reached the uninhabited island by motorboat on Saturday. After this he shook his t-shirt. He was later airlifted to hospital. Nelson was discharged from the hospital the same day. This saved Nelson’s life.