October 4, 2022

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A man who is engaged to a woman who lives 11000 km away, sends Rs 40,000 per month.

Highlights of the story

  • Last year 2012, the couple got together on social media
  • In 2017, the woman gave birth to a baby boy

A man was in love with a married woman who lived about 11 thousand kilometers away from him. The two dated and later got engaged.

After this, the said young man has been giving about 40 thousand rupees to the said woman every month for about 8 years. Despite protests from the young man’s family and friends, he went ahead with it. Now the young man has decided to stay with the girl.

In 2012, 41-year-old Sean met Christine online. The 42-year-old has four children. Both of them started dating each other in 2013. But was in a long distance relationship. Sean said- Having him makes me feel like I win the lottery every day.

Before meeting Christine, Sean was single. He was coping with loneliness. He said – When I come home from work, I usually say – ‘Hi Toaster, how are you?’ or ‘hello kettle’. Sometimes standing in front of the mirror and saying ‘Hello Sean how are you?’

In the first episode of the series, 90 Day Fiance, Sean also talked about his first meeting with Christine 10 years ago. He said- We met on social media in 2012. I sent him a friend request and he accepted. After that, the conversation process started between us. After that both of them started video chatting.

Gradually, Sean fell in love with Christine. He felt that Christine was the queen of his dreams. And while Sean himself lived in Hampshire, England, Christine would have been about 11 thousand kilometers away from him in Antipolo, Philippines.

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The couple said of future plans that Christine would come to Britain and then stay with Sean.

Sean has been sending money to Christine for 8 years now. Christine said, “Sean sends me about 40 thousand rupees every month. The main purpose of sending money to Sean was for him to meet the needs of me and my family. He helps me a lot. I feel like I have gained financial freedom.

Sean, who worked as a cleaning manager, said he had no record of the money being sent to Christine. But he has continued to send money for years. He said- I only know that I have sent crores of rupees to him. But because of this, even Sean’s budget is staggering. He said- After paying the rent, I have about 6 thousand rupees left.

Friends and family members continue to question Sean for sending money to Christine. But he said – I am not going to have any effect on the words of those people. I listen to my heart.

Despite the long-distance relationship, Christine gave birth to Sean’s child in 2017. But, so far he has met his son only 4 times.

Because of this, Shawn’s friends question the relationship. Her close friend, Jimmy, once told Christine that they had never had a child.

But Sean said his son looks just like him and doesn’t need a DNA test. Despite continued criticism, he has called for Christine to move to Britain.