May 29, 2022

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A message to Putin, the first lady of the United States, the Prime Minister of Ukraine and the Prime Minister of Canada, on the eve of Russia’s Victory Day! – Russia Ukraine war Jill Biden Justin Trudeau surprise visit Olena Zhelensky meets NTC

Highlights of the story

  • Jill Biden meets Olena Zhelensky
  • Jill Biden stayed in Ukraine for two hours

The war between Ukraine and Russia is getting worse. Russia has intensified its offensive against Ukraine ahead of May 9 Victory Day. Jill Biden, the wife of US President Joe Biden, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in Ukraine on Sunday amid mounting Russian attacks. US First Lady Jill meets with Olena Zhelensky, wife of Ukrainian President Zhelensky.

The White House has described Jill Biden’s visit as a surprise visit. According to the White House, the schedule for Jill Biden’s visit to Ukraine has not yet been determined. Jill Biden reached the village of Usorod near the Slovak border in western Ukraine and spoke with Olena Zhelensky at the school there. During the meeting between the first lady of the United States and Ukraine on Mother’s Day, Jill Biden told Olena Zhelensky that I would like to come to Mother’s Day.

Jill Biden and Olena Zhelensky met at a school

The video of the meeting was released by Jill Pitton’s spokeswoman Michelle LaRos. In the midst of the 10-week war with Russia, Jill Biden undertook this secret tour of Ukraine, and according to news agencies, it was important for the first lady of the United States to show the Ukrainian people that this war is ruthless. This war must end. He said the American people were with Ukraine.

Jill-Olina met in the classroom

Jill Biden reached Ukraine by road about 10 minutes from the Slovak border and stayed in Ukraine for about two hours. The meeting of the wives of the two presidents took place in a small classroom of the school. Olena Zelensky lives with her child in an unsafe place. Olena Zhelensky thanked Jill Biden and said her action was courageous. During the daily military operations here, when the air sirens sound, we can understand how the first woman in America could have come here in the middle of the war.

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People have taken refuge in the school where they met

Ukrainians have taken refuge in the school where Jill Biden and Olena Zhelensky met. It is said that the US President wanted to go to Ukraine but the authorities advised him not to do so for security reasons. Joe Biden also mentioned this during his tour of Poland. After the meeting, Jill Biden and Olena Zhelensky also met the children who had taken refuge there. Prior to Jill Biden, Hillary Clinton visited Bosnia in 1996, Kabul in 2005, George W. Bush’s wife and Donald Trump’s wife Melania Trump in 2018. Then these countries were also affected by the war.

What does the Jill-Oliana meeting mean?

The meeting between Jill Biden and Olena Zhelensky took place on the eve of May 9th. Russia celebrates May 9 as Victory Day, and Britain fears that President Putin may declare war on his opponents on this day. A day before Russia’s Victory Day, Jill Biden visited Ukraine and sent a message that the United States stands firm with Ukraine.