December 7, 2022

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A Muslim cleric who became a Christian made this announcement about Erdoğan! – American Islamic preacher Khalid Yasin tlifws that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is helping humanity in the world.

American Islamic preacher Khalid Yassin has praised Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as one of the five people in the world who will save humanity in its time of need. In fact, Khaled Yassin, who converted from Christianity to Islam decades ago, is on a trip to Turkey and after reaching Istanbul, he praised Erdoğan. Along with this, he has also openly talked about becoming a Muslim.

Khalid Yassin said that Erdoğan’s attitude is very good. No other leader has a vision like his. Khalid added that Erdoğan is one of the few who help the world and humanity. Khalid added that he has never met Erdoğan but would definitely like to meet him.

Khalid Yassin added about Erdoğan, “I want to thank Erdoğan first, because what he did was not easy. Erdoğan is important not only to his country but also to the whole world. Khaled Yassin added that he prays that Erdoğan will remain in this view.

Khalid Yasin said about his conversion to Islam
Islamic preacher Khalid Yassin said about his conversion to Islam after growing up in Christianity, I read an article in the New York Times in 1964 by the famous American Muslim activist Malcolm X, after which Khalid’s interest in reading about Islam grew.

Khalid Yasin said he did not become a Muslim immediately. First he started reading and researching about it. Khalid was well acquainted with Islam then. I used to read everything about Islam. In 1965, Khalid heard a speech by Malcolm X in New York, which further impressed him.

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During the talk, three or four of us felt different levels of connection, Khalid said. As we sat on the stairs, Malcolm X called us. After that I also became a Muslim.

Why is Khalid Yasin coming to Turkey?

About coming to Turkey, Khalid Yasin said, I have been to Turkey eight times before. This time he has come to Turkey with a goal. He said he will explain Islam to people through Turkey’s Real Media Group. His speeches and dialogues will be translated into many languages, including Turkish.

Turkey is very close to Europe, so he said he would like to open a studio in Turkey.

Regarding Turkey, Khalid said, I have studied the history of Turkey well. Turkey has an amazing history among Muslim countries. Turkey is a big country. Khalid said that if God gives me more life, I want to live a little longer in Turkey. Khalid said he wants to open an office here and be a brick in the construction of a new Turkey. Khalid said that he loves Turkey very much.

At the same time, regarding the discussion about Islamophobia in Western countries, he said that people are afraid because they do not know anything about Islam. Khalid said Islamophobia will not last long and one day this phase will pass.

Who is Khalid Yasin?
Islamic preacher Khalid Yasin was born into a Christian family in New York. He had 9 more siblings. Khalid was not an orphan, but due to the family’s financial condition, he was adopted by another family. After this, until his youth, he was brought up in the customs of Christianity. Later he was heavily influenced by personalities like Malcolm X and converted to Islam.

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