June 8, 2023

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A woman traveled 25000 KM to meet her boyfriend, then… – Traveled 25000 KM to meet her boyfriend

After a breakup, a woman traveled 25,000 km in 35 days to meet her boyfriend. The boy was also very happy after getting the girl back in his life. The two reunited. This incident happened in 1970. The couple celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary recently.

According to ‘The Mirror’, at the age of 22, Ursula Carney broke up with boyfriend John Arden. Ursusa’s friends also justified this decision. John then left Britain and went to Australia. With this the relationship of the couple broke. But then Ursula does something that brings the pair back together.

In 1970, Ursula was living in Manchester, Southampton (UK). He traveled through Europe, North and South Africa to reach John’s home in Queensland (Australia). John was shocked to see him.

John is now 78 years old. Recalling that moment, he says he returned from the mine after completing his mission and Ursula was waiting for him. He never expected her to come back into his life. He was very happy to see Ursula.

Ursula is now 74 years old. He said- I thought John was made just for me. So she didn’t want to leave him.

The couple’s love story was first published in a newspaper on 7 July 1972. After 50 years of marriage, the couple reminisced about the good old days.

Both John and Ursula were residents of Manchester. The two met over 5 decades ago while working at a car manufacturing company. John had a ‘playboy’ nature back then. Because of this, Ursula also warned her not to go to night parties. But John ignored Ursula’s words.

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However, John sent a letter to Ursula after reaching Australia so she could convey his well-being. Ursula then introduces her love and takes a long sea voyage to meet John.

After this, the couple returned to Britain and married in Manchester in July 1972. Later both started living in Canada. John and Ursula have two children. Among them Sarah is 43 and Mark is 36.