June 2, 2023

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Abduction and rape of female journalists and activists; 2500 refugees in Islamabad | Bhaskar Ground Report Taliban female journalist raped

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One year has passed since the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. The atrocities of the Taliban have not abated over time. The condition of women and girls has deteriorated. As a result, people are still being displaced. Last month, 2,500 people, including women and children, entered the Pakistani capital Islamabad illegally.

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As Bhaskar spent the nights in the open air among them, the group became known as doctors, teachers, ex-servicemen, policemen, the first human rights activists, and journalists. While talking to them, disgusting stories came to light.

“I am a women’s rights activist and broadcaster of anti-Taliban news with my 30-year-old sister,” said Saare (name has been changed), the wife of a man in the Afghan army. A few months ago, at midnight, Taliban fighters broke into our home in Masar-e-Sharif. They searched for those in the Afghan army before the fall of Kabul. That night he selected 30 more. We took me, my sister, and the ladies of the house next door. When I was abducted, I prayed that the Taliban would kill us instead of raping us.

‘While torturing me, my sister and 6 other women, I was imprisoned for 10 days by Taliban militants and gang-raped. Mercilessly killed 8 people and imprisoned the rest. The women who survived the rape were killed by their families. The conservative social practice behind his murder is ‘Pashtunwali’, in which it is considered wrong to reintegrate a raped woman into a family. Despite all this torture, my sister and I somehow reached the Pakistani border. To get there one had to pay a high bribe at every checkpoint.

Since January, 1,511 women have been raped and violent, with 143 murdered

  • Girls’ schools closed, girls leave work: Political experts point out that the style of the Taliban remains the same. Most high schools for girls between the ages of 13 and 18 are closed. Women have been fired from most government jobs. Fatmeh, a 27-year-old schoolteacher who fled Kabul, said the girl’s education system was over. He wants to enslave women.
  • Taliban threaten women in private sector: Incidents of harassment and intimidation of women by the Taliban in the private sector are on the rise. “Violence and violence against women are on the rise everywhere,” said journalist Ahmed Feroz Baskar.
  • Bribe of up to one lakh rupees to withdraw money: Farhat Afghani, a visa officer at the British embassy in Kabul, said those leaving the country would have to pay a heavy price. People had to pay up to Rs 1 lakh to leave the country.

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