March 28, 2023

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According to the information of the health department, 25 crore people have been affected by corona in China in 20 days. – Nearly 250 million people in China may have been infected by Covid-19 in 20 days, NTC document leaked

The Corona virus has created a lot of excitement in China. This can be known from the fact that 25 crore (250 million) people have become corona positive here in 20 days. This came to light after the government documents were leaked. Radio Free Asia, citing documents circulating on social media, said the situation worsened after the ‘zero-Covid policy’ was relaxed in the first week of the month, and in just 20 days, there were about 250 million people across China. Affected by Covid-19.

According to media reports, the infection-related data was presented at a meeting of China’s National Health Commission. The meeting, which took place for only 20 minutes, has now been leaked. According to statistics, from December 1 to 20, 248 million people were infected with Covid-19, which is 17.65 percent of China’s population. According to Radio Free Asia, the figures of Covid cases released by government officials on December 20 are completely different from the reality. 37 million (3.7 million) was estimated by the government then.

So more than 5 thousand deaths occur every day!

A senior Chinese journalist told Radio Free Asia on Thursday that the viral documents were genuine and were leaked by an official who participated in the meeting, who were deliberately trying to spread the truth in the public interest. Earlier on Saturday, China’s health ministry confirmed 3,761 new cases. However, no new deaths were reported. The report comes as Britain-based health data firm Airfinity says more than 5,000 deaths occur daily in China and more than a million are infected in a single day.

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Corona will reach its peak in China in January

Airfinity’s new modeling examines data from regional provinces in China. The current outbreak is progressing faster in some areas than others. Cases are rising most rapidly in Beijing and Guangdong. The Airfinity model predicts that the positive rate of cases will peak in January and reach 3.7 million daily and 4.2 million daily in March 2023.

China deceives the number of deaths!

Dr Louise Blair, head of vaccines and epidemiology at Airfinity, said China had stopped mass testing and was not reporting asymptomatic cases. China has also changed the way it records deaths from COVID-19. Only those whose tests were positive and died of asphyxiation or pneumonia were included.

This pattern differs from other countries, where deaths are recorded within the timeframe of a positive test or the cause of death is believed to be COVID-19. It is hoped that this different method of China will help reduce the number of deaths in the country.