June 8, 2023

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Actress jailed for 90 days for taking pornographic photo with 7-year-old son

Highlights of the story

  • The actress posed nude for a photo with her son
  • The court sentenced him to 90 days in prison
  • The actress’ appeal was also rejected

Actress Aguirre Polo has been sentenced to 90 days in prison for posing nude with her seven-year-old son. Also known as Rosamund Brown, the famous actress is from Ghana, a West African country. In fact, Rosemond posed nude with her son on his birthday in June, 2020, which also went viral on social media.

The court rejected Rosmond’s appeal, according to The Sun. He no longer has to spend 90 days in jail. The case was investigated in April and Rosemond was sentenced to 90 days in prison. But Rosmond’s appeal against it has now been overturned by the court.

We can tell you that 31 year old Rosamond Brown is a single mother. There was a stir in his nude photo. In this picture he was naked and his son was wearing only shorts. In this case, the judge said that this was a case of domestic violence and that the photo had acted in a way that offended the dignity of the child.

In this case, Judge Christina Kane said, the culture of sharing nude pictures on social media is a matter of concern. Did this girl ask her child before filming like this? Did he respect his son’s privacy? Apparently, he did not do that.

Christina added that crimes against women have increased and there is no doubt that there has been a significant increase in pornography. We live in a more sexual society for the past few decades, and such acts negatively affect the mother-son relationship.

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Christina said she had heard the perpetrators’ plea and had noticed that she was a mother and regretted her action. It is also true that his sentence will be a message to the community.

I tell you, this thing has become more and more in the headlines, and the famous American woman rapper Cardi Pium also responded to this matter. He said I have seen photoshoots like this many times in the United States. Although this is not my style, I think she did not promote this film sexually in any way. But the prison sentence is high. I think he promotes natural style with the help of this film.