August 16, 2022

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‘Akeli Ho Kya…’ Why did the woman who ordered pizza online start receiving ugly messages? – After ordering pizza online, girl gets scary messages, do you live alone and are you alone tstf

Highlights of the story

  • The woman complained to the police
  • I gave your details to the pizza shop

A 21-year-old woman orders a pizza online. At the time of payment he shared personal details. After that, he started receiving obscene messages on his mobile phone. The girl shared some screenshots of these messages on social media.

In the screenshot, you can see how the girl was harassed by sending messages like ‘Are you alone’ and ‘Are you single’. This girl is from Wales, England and her name is Caitlin Reeks.

As ‘Wells Online’ reports, Caitlin Riggs had visited a fast food chain’s store earlier in the day to buy pizza. But as there was no payment facility, they were asked to pay online. When Caitlin tried to pay with Apple Pay, she was told she could only pay through fast food chain Golden Grill’s website. In such a case, he has to enter his personal details on the website, which includes his address and mobile number.

He started getting wrong messages from unknown numbers.

But after this, he started receiving bad news from unknown numbers. The messager said he was her ‘new friend’ and wanted to meet her. When Kaitlyn asked how she got her number, the answer came from across the street – it was by accident. Distraught, Caitlin hands her boyfriend the phone.

In the conversation, it turns out that the person who sent the message from the unknown number was none other than the employee at the pizza shop who saved Caitlin’s number. Later, as the commotion escalated, the store owner apologized to Caitlin. However, Golden Grill manager Orhan Aksoy said he checked with his employees and none of their mobiles matched the number that Caitlin had texted.

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Screenshot of the message

Caitlin later reported the matter to the police. “I’m not trying to spoil anyone’s career, but this is a complete misuse of data,” he said. I feel insecure and can’t get this incident out of my mind. The police are currently investigating the matter.