August 10, 2022

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Also took oil and weapons from Russia; Due to better foreign policy, both Moscow and Washington were affected. Narendra Modi’s foreign policy; Why the US is helpless in the India-Russia oil deal

New Delhi / WashingtonAn hour ago

Following the Russian invasion of Ukraine on February 24, Western nations announced tough sanctions on its siege. New Delhi also warned that buying oil from Moscow would have repercussions for India. It has been more than four months since the war began and there is no hope of stopping it. In such a situation, the tone of the United States and its allies seems to be changing.

Not only was Prime Minister Narendra Modi invited to the G-7 summit this week, he also said that India does not need to choose which side. The changing attitude of the West shows how India is exploiting its geopolitical position.

India has always positioned itself as the voice of the poor. India argues that Western sanctions have hit developing countries hard. He also supported the purchase of crude oil from Russia to control rising inflation.

Energy is not the privilege of the rich
Addressing the G-7 countries in Germany, Modi said, “You all agree that the use of energy should not be the privilege of the rich – even a poor family has an equal right to energy. Today, it is important to keep this in mind when oil prices skyrocket due to geopolitical tensions.

Now the US wants to increase global pressure against Russia, which cannot even isolate allies like India. We need a friendly country like India to counter the problems like China.

The US does not want to take India out of Russia
Ahead of the G7 summit, US National Security Council co-ordinator John Kirby described India as “a key strategic partner in the Indo-Pacific region”. He said the US did not want to take India out of Russia.

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China is spreading the web of ‘One Belt and One Road Initiative’ to strengthen its grip around the world. In response, the United States has spoken of an international infrastructure project worth 60 billion rupees. The US President says India will be among the first beneficiaries of the scheme.

The architecture of America would not be possible without India
Pratyush Rao, director of consultancy control risk, said the architecture the US wants to create in the Indo-Pacific region would not be possible without India. This is why India doubled its imports even after Biden appealed in March not to buy oil from Russia. He also bought large quantities of weapons.

India has purchased 76 million barrels of crude oil from Russia, 30% less than the world market price. India has been defending the agreement by talking about relief from inflation for its poor people. Indian Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has said that we have not yet recovered from the epidemic. Since then, millions of people have been provided with free facilities and subsidized vaccines. We must take care of our own interests.

Like India, other countries are in favor of buying oil from Russia.
Like India, some countries in South Asia want to remain neutral and buy cheaper oil from Russia. In view of this, the Sri Lankan Minister will also visit Russia. The Minister of Health of Sri Lanka has stated that we will do everything possible to meet the needs of our citizens.

Western nations are now beginning to realize that other countries are more affected by its sanctions than Russia. Soaring energy prices have provided Russia with an opportunity to increase revenues from oil. Now the United States is looking for new ways to control Russia.

India exposed the hypocrisy of Western countries
India has on several occasions exposed the hypocrisy of Western countries in purchasing oil from Russia. With large quantities of natural gas being imported from Russia, the West wants the world not to do any trade with Russia. According to the Center for Energy and Clean Air Research, three-quarters of what Russia earned from natural gas in the first 100 days of the war came from Europe.

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Indian Foreign Minister Subramaniam Jaishankar said in Slovakia earlier this month that “Europe must move away from the mentality that Europe’s problems are the world’s problems, but the world’s problems are not Europe’s problems.”

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