October 2, 2022

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Ancient shipwreck discovered 1300 years after sinking in Holy Land tstsb

The wreckage of the ship has been recovered from the sea. Notably, many perfectly preserved ancient pots have also been found from the shipwrecks. Some 1300 years old items have been found from these pots.

The ship was found off the coast of Israel. Searchers said the ship was filled with goods from various Mediterranean regions. These ships are evidence that people from Western countries came to the region for trade even after the establishment of the Islamic Empire in the seventh century.

The exact cause of the ship’s sinking is still unknown. This merchant ship has been unearthed from the existing Israeli coastal community of Magan Michael.

According to the report, the ship dates back to a period when the Christian Byzantine Empire was shrinking from the Eastern Mediterranean and Islamic rulers were gaining strength in the region.

Maritime archaeologist Deborah Civical said the ship would date back to the 7th or 8th century. Despite the religious divide, there is evidence of trade in this Mediterranean area.

Deborah said- It is generally stated in history books that after the expansion of Islamic rule, trade ceased in these areas. There was no international trade in the Mediterranean then.

But now it doesn’t seem like that. Deborah said – We have the wreckage of a large ship. We think the ship will actually be 25 meters long.

Based on the artifacts found near the ship, it is speculated that the ship may have come here from Cyprus in Egypt or may have originated in Turkey. He may have come here from the North African coast.

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The Israeli coast is said to be littered with sunken ships for centuries. It is easy to gather information about the debris here because the water level in the area is low and the sandy surface keeps the artefacts safe.

Talking about the current search, the searchers have found 200 jugs. Among these have been found food items from the Mediterranean region such as fish broth and various types of olives, dates and figs.

Personal items such as ropes and combs, and even some animal remains were found in the ruins.

(All photos – REUTERS)