October 4, 2022

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Animal rain is real: A rare animal rain event causes fish to fall from the sky in Texas


  • Fish rained down from the sky in Texas, USA
  • The fish were scattered from the roads to the plains
  • Due to a rare event, the fish rain

New York
There are many such mysteries in the world today and they are unbelievable. One of these mysteries is the rain of fish from the sky. One such incident recently took place in the US state of Texas. Extreme levels of flood danger were announced in Texas on Wednesday. Fish rain Hui. Two storms hit the area at the same time, and when it was over, people saw hundreds of fish in the streets.

Such rain is called animal rain
From animal rain to fish rain (Animal rain) Also known as Texas and Arkansas residents have shared many photos and videos related to this incident on social media. According to Texarkana’s official Facebook post, it rained fish in Texarkana today. A picture of a fish lying in the grass is also shared on this page.

Said the eyewitness
Witness James Audrey told WCIA that he heard thunder outside while working at a used car dealership in Texas. It was raining heavily when he opened the door of his dealership and saw a lot of fish lying on the ground. Another user posted a video on Twitter saying, ‘Yes. It rained fish in my house too.

What did the US Meteorological Service say?
Gary Chadlian, a meteorologist with the U.S. National Weather Service, told the newspaper that the fish were flying in the sky with strong winds. When it rains they start to fall from the sky to the ground. He spoke of the ongoing rain of fish in Texas, saying that the fish could come from Lake Texoma and elsewhere. He said that whatever climbs must one day come to the ground. The same thing happens with fish.

Fish Rye01

Why does fish rain?
Scientists believe such events are caused by hurricanes or strong storms. When a hurricane crosses the ocean or large lake, its velocity increases even more on land. The wind that blows at this time carries fish, frogs, turtles, crabs and sometimes even crocodiles. These creatures will continue to fly with this hurricane and remain in the sky until the wind speeds down. As the wind speed decreases, these creatures begin to fall from the sky in that area.

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