March 27, 2023

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Anna’s innovation: You can still find Anna Delvey on Instagram

Anna's innovation: You can still find Anna Delvey on Instagram

Anna Sorokin – better known as Anna Delphi – has been thrown into the spotlight once again after the release of the Shonda Rhimes series on Netflix about her life, Anna’s creation.

The show chronicles the crimes Sorokin committed between 2013 and 2017, when she pretended to be a wealthy German heiress to defraud banks and acquaintances with hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Sorokin, 31, was found guilty of multiple counts of attempted grand theft, second-degree theft and theft of services. She was sentenced to 4 to 12 years in prison, fined $24,000 (£17,715) and ordered to pay $199,000 (£146892) in compensation.

The fake socialite was released from prison in February 2021, but was detained again about a month later by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) for overstaying her visa. She has been held by Immigration and Customs Enforcement since then.

Although Sorokin is still being held in prison, she has monitored her public image from the detention center closely. She appears to have regular access to her Instagram account, @theannadelvey, which she has updated since the series launched on Friday, February 11th.

Before launching the show, Sorokin wrote about life in prison In an article about from the insideShe claims to be the only woman in Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody at the Orange County Jail in upstate New York.

“Tell me I’m special without telling me I’m special,” she wrote. Sorokin posted a screenshot of the article’s title on February 2, her first post to the account since March 2021.

The fraudulent artist’s social media account on the platform has been active since December 2013, when she posted her first post from Paris.

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This relates to the time she spent in the city as a trainee for a French fashion magazine purplebefore moving to New York. All of her posts through 2017 paint her luxurious life, with photos of expensive meals, shopping spree, selfies and vacation trips filling the feed.

But they stopped abruptly after August 2017. By October of the same year, Sorokin was arrested and charged with theft and theft.

The account remains silent for three years, until March 2020 when Sorokin suddenly posted a digital illustration of a blonde woman held by a featureless black figure and a message bubble with the words: “But I am so beautiful that I am going to prison!”

From there, Sorokin’s account has been revived with regular posts of illustrations that appear to have been painted themselves as well as references to her personal website, However, the site is no longer available.

After her release from prison on February 11, 2021, Sorokin’s Instagram posts became more frequent, and she also created a Twitter account with @theannadelvey.

One of her first tweets after her release was: “I’m looking for a friend.”

Her Twitter account is still active, but Sorokin hasn’t posted anything since March 14, 2021, when she wrote, “Am I really stuck in the prison of self-imposed characterization?”

However, her activity continued on Instagram, where Sorokin posted snapshots of her daily life after prison and informed followers of new interviews and projects in which she participated.

But she fell silent again after March 23, 2021, after she was taken into the custody of Immigration and Customs Enforcement. In which from the inside In an article, Sorokin claims the visa overstay was “unintentional and largely beyond my control”.

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She wrote, “I have served my prison sentence, but am appealing my criminal conviction to clear my name. I have not broken any of the New York State parole rules or Immigration and Customs Enforcement. Despite all this, I have not yet been given a clear and fair path to compliance.”

She returned to the catwalk and was welcomed into the public eye by her fans, which seem to include some famous faces as well.

Under her post about her article, Uncut Gemstones Actress Julia Fox wrote: “Thank you for your birthday wishes!! I was on record when I called.”

Other celebrities who follow Sorokin’s account is the crown Actress Emma Corinne.

In her last interview, Posted in New York timesSorokin said she felt sorry “for the way my condition is being viewed”.

“I feel sorry for resorting to these procedures that people think I glorify now,” she added. “I feel sorry for the choices I made.”