January 27, 2023

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Apple sues in China for selling Apple iPhones 12 Pro Max without charger: Report | Chinese students have filed a lawsuit alleging that the charger was not available with the iPhone, a new charger and a legal fee of Rs 1,200

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  • Apple sues in China for selling Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max without charger: report

New Delhi4 hours ago

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Some students have sued Apple for not providing the charger with the iPhone 12 Pro Max. This issue is related to the university in China. One student reported that the first lightning cable from USB-C did not support other chargers. Thus he could not charge the iPhone. However, Apple does not believe this claim.

Students claim that Apple is doing this to promote its MagSafe wireless charger. They waste more power than wired chargers. Has requested the company to provide the charger. It is also said to pay 100 yuan, or $ 16 (approximately 1200 rupees), for legal fees and breach of contract.

Apple did not give the box adapter

  • In this case, Apple is suing in Beijing Virtual Court, claiming that the separate sale of power adapters is common to phone brands and that the government has approved it. As students say, many Chinese companies choose the box adapter. For example, you can buy a Xiaomi Mi 11 with or without a power brick.
  • The report said the matter was still ongoing. There is currently no guarantee that this will compensate students or change Apple’s charger-free policy. Apple has stopped offering the box charger from its iPhone 12 series.

Apple was fined Rs 14 crore
Apple has been fined this year for failing to provide a charger with the iPhone 12 series. Procon-SP, a Brazilian consumer protection company, was fined $ 2 million (approximately Rs. 14 crore) by Apple. The Brazilian company cited fraudulent advertising, selling devices without a charger and false regulations as reasons for the fines. Procon-SP said Apple’s move did not appear to be beneficial to the environment.

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