June 25, 2022

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Assassination of Vladimir Putin: Vladimir Putin’s body double: Impact of Russia-Ukraine war, does Vladimir Putin use body double for fear of ‘murder’? – Russia uses body twin to prevent Vladimir Putin assassination in Ukraine war, UK media say

Moscow: No confidential information is easily leaked from Russia. That too especially in such an environment the eyes of the whole world will be on him. Russia’s current war with Ukraine has caught the attention of Moscow and its almighty leader Vladimir Putin. All eyes are on Putin. His words, his actions, his war strategy are meticulously analyzed. In the midst of all this is the movement of rumor mongers. The global media, especially the Western media, are full of speculation about Vladimir Putin’s health, his absence from the Kremlin and his short-term successor.

Putin uses physical duplicity!
Russian President Vladimir Putin, who was spotted at selected locations in Moscow, is not original, but some reports say his body is being used in duplicate. The British media, the Daily Star, has reported that the body was used in fear of the assassination of Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is feared that the head of the Russian military will be angry over the expulsion of eight of his generals for Ukraine’s defeat in the war. Because of this, they could also carry out a military coup in Russia.

Former US Secretary of State says Putin could be assassinated in Russia if he steps down
The Russian president is very careful in his defense
The Daily Star quoted an intelligence source as saying, “I know Putin is very cautious about his safety, and this action shows how seriously his team is threatening his life.” Their closest security team ensures that their food is checked and that no one approaches them without their consent. But former leaders, generals and FSB operators are certainly aware of the system’s vulnerabilities.

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Vladimir Putin’s news about cancer surgery: Vladimir Putin is going to do ‘operation’ for cancer! Do you know who will hand over power to Russia?
There are fears of a coup in Russia
That fact must be taken into account. ” It is doubtful whether they will accept the fact that this is an intra-party conspiracy. It is understood that there is considerable tension among senior Russian commanders over the direction of the war and its impact on the economy. In such a situation, Putin’s harassment has been exacerbated by growing dissatisfaction with the military.

Russian military chief leaves office, enters battlefield to destroy Ukraine, thwarts Putin’s plan
The Russian military is angry with Putin
That is why the report says that Putin has doubled his body to go to the Kremlin meetings and to wander around Moscow. He lives in President Putin’s house and is trained to act like a Russian leader. In the United States, we have information that Putin was misled by the Russian military by Kate Beddingfield, the White House’s communications chief, which has led to ongoing tensions between Putin and his military leadership.