June 29, 2022

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– Australia Victoria Nazi swastika icon Hakenkreuz tlifw banned from public display

Highlights of the story

  • Australia’s state of Victoria bans Nazi swastika
  • This decision has been taken in view of the increasing extremism among the youth.
  • Public display of the Nazi swastika will be punished

Australia’s province of Victoria has become the first state to ban the public display of the Nazi emblem, the swastika, or the Heckencross. Concerns are growing in the state about the radicalization of local youth in Victoria, meanwhile the government has enacted legislation to ban Nazi swastikas.

The law was passed by the Parliament of Victoria, Australia’s second most populous state, on Tuesday night. By law, anyone who shows a Nazi swastika in public is liable to a fine of $ 15,213 (11 lakh 91 thousand 672 rupees) and up to 12 months in prison. However, the law does not prohibit the display of the swastika in certain religious and cultural contexts.

Duvir Abramovich, chairman of the Anti-Defamation Commission for Jewish Rights, said Wednesday that he expects Australia’s most populous states, New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania, to enact similar legislation soon.

Abramovich, who lives in Melbourne, the capital of Victoria, says: ‘There is a white supremacy and a renaissance of neo-Nazism. This has caused concern in all states. To the evil forces who are trying to break our souls, this law will send the message that now the law is not in their favor.

Abramovich launched a national campaign to ban the Nazi symbol five years ago.

State Attorney General Jacqueline Sims said she was proud the law was passed with the support of opposition lawmakers. He then said, ‘I am glad to see that all the political parties have cooperated to pass this law. We acknowledge that this disgraceful behavior is not allowed in Victoria.

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Mike Burgess, director general of the Australian Defense Intelligence Agency, Australia’s spy agency, said in February that the diversion of Australian youth to extremism was a matter of concern.