June 9, 2023

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Bangladesh has provided massive relief to Sri Lanka, which is mired in an economic crisis. It gave them another chance to repay the $ 200 million loan.

Bangladesh gave Sri Lanka more time.

Image Credit Source: ANI

At a crucial meeting of Bangladesh’s bank directors on Sunday, it was decided to give Sri Lanka one more year to repay the loan.

Sri Lanka, India’s neighbor (Sri LankaPolitical and economic crises have prevailed for the past few days. Recently a state of emergency was declared in the country. In the midst of all this Bangladesh (BangladeshEconomic and Political Crisis in Sri Lanka (The Sri Lankan crisisIn view of this, an additional one year has been given to repay the loan. This loan provided by Bangladesh to Sri Lankadebt) Worth about US $ 200 million.

At a crucial meeting of Bangladesh’s bank directors on Sunday, it was decided to give Sri Lanka one more year to repay the loan. Central Bank spokesman Serajul Islam told ANI that Sri Lanka had been given one more year to repay the loan, but that the terms of the loan would remain the same this time around.

The loan was granted in 2021

Bangladesh extended this loan to Sri Lanka in May 2021. This is the first time that a loan from Bangladesh has been extended to another country. During that period Bangladesh was ready to sign an agreement with Sri Lanka. Under the agreement, Sri Lanka will have to repay a $ 200 million loan to Bangladesh within three months. However, due to the economic and political crisis in the country, the repayment period was extended.

Emergency medical supplies were also provided

Last week, Bangladesh also sent emergency medical supplies to Sri Lanka. Because Sri Lanka is facing the biggest economic crisis in its history. Bangladesh External Affairs Minister AK Abdul Moman and Health Minister Zahid Malek handed over some medicine boxes to Sri Lankan High Commissioner to Bangladesh Sudarshan DS Senevitne at a function organized at the State Guest House Padma. Moman described the drugs as a friendship between Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are currently celebrating 50 years of mutual diplomatic relations.

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The gift was told to the drugs

Meanwhile, Bangladesh Essential Pharmaceutical Company Limited and the Bangladesh Pharmaceutical Industry Association jointly handed over about 100 million Bangladeshi coins to Sri Lanka. He said it was like a gift to Sri Lanka.

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Meanwhile, Sri Lankan President Gotabhaya Rajapakse has faced criticism from opposition parties and foreign ambassadors for declaring a state of emergency for the second time in almost a month amid a political crisis. With the implementation of the Emergency, the security forces have gained immense power to suppress peaceful protests.