June 2, 2023

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Bangladesh: What the Minister said was that Khaleda Zia’s granddaughter should leave the chair

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Murad Hassan

Bangladesh Information Minister Murad Hassan has resigned following criticism of his indecent remarks. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina ordered his resignation a day earlier.

Murad Hassan has been facing criticism for the past one week against the granddaughter of former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia.

Meanwhile, his name has also been linked to a leaked audio clip of a phone call in which he allegedly threatened to rape an actress.

Despite these two incidents, the Awami League government was embroiled in a dilemma and they were finally asked to resign by Tuesday.

Murad Hassan sent his resignation letter on Tuesday. He has also posted on his Facebook page.

In it he wrote- “Forgive me if I have done anything wrong, or if my words have caused trouble to my mother and sisters.”

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Asked the Prime Minister to resign

The party’s general secretary and road transport minister Obaidul Qadir told reporters on Monday night that Prime Minister Hasina had ordered Minister Murad Ali to resign by Tuesday following the controversy.

He said the Prime Minister had discussed the matter with him on Monday evening, after which Sheikh Hasina said the minister should resign.

Obaidul Qadir said the minister was informed of the Prime Minister’s instruction on Monday night.

In Bangladesh, under such circumstances, the resignation of the Prime Minister is said to be a rare event in the country’s politics.

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Murad Hassan

Minister in controversy

Murad Hassan recently commented on the granddaughter of former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia, the daughter of Tariq Rahman, the executive chairman of the country’s main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (PNP). Was critical.

Khaleda Zia’s granddaughter Jaima Rahman is a young lawyer who lives with her father in London.

Khaleda Zia, who was convicted on corruption charges, fell seriously ill and was admitted to a hospital in Dhaka. His eldest son Tariq Rehman is also facing several corruption charges and he is living in London to avoid it.

Women’s rights groups and lawyers called her comments “obscene and derogatory.” At the same time, the BNP demanded clarification of its position on the ruling Awami League party.

Awami League general secretary Obaidul Qadir distanced himself from Minister Hassan’s remarks, saying “his personal views have nothing to do with the party.”

However, Murad Hassan told the BBC that he had done nothing wrong by releasing the report.

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Kalitha Jiah

What was said in the comments

Murad Hassan made indecent and racist comments about Jaima Rahman during a Facebook live, most of which cannot be published.

Yet in one place he hears her say – “My face is so bad.”

After this, in a televised conversation last Saturday, he attacked another female leader of the BNP.

Over the past few days, he has been heavily criticized on social media for both of these incidents.

The talk grew to the point where many of his own party’s staunch supporters began to criticize him.

Actress Audio Clip

In the midst of this controversy, a clip of a person calling and threatening an actress indecently is being shared on Facebook.

This person’s voice sounds like Murad Hassan. However, despite contacting them, they could not get their response in this regard.

Actress Mahiya Mahi has now released a video confirming that it was her phone call and that the conversation was two years old.

Currently, the actress, who is on a pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, has said that she was helpless when the incident took place.

He said in his video message that Murad Hassan leaked the audio clip a few weeks ago, which made him feel very humiliated and hurt and had no words to respond.

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Syeda Asifa Ashrafi Babia

The Minister is adamant in his statement

Murad Hassan’s statement to the BBC that Tariq Rehman’s daughter had attacked him with abusive language has caused controversy.

One year older than my daughter, even after being equated with my daughter, is reprehensible for trolling me with ugly words. Many pictures like this have come to me through social websites.

On the other hand, Murad Hassan commented on the comments made by the former MP on the TV show, “If you watch that show, you will understand why I said that.”

But Syeda Asifa Ashraf Babia said, “If Murad Hassan had really been the elected representative of the people, he would not have made such remarks from such a responsible position.”