January 27, 2023

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Biden sends invitation for first time, Pakistan rejects – Democratic Summit 2021 Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan rejects Joe Biden’s invitation due to China.

Highlights of the story

  • Pakistan withdraws from 2021 Democratic Conference
  • There was confusion over not being invited to China
  • Bitterness between Pakistan and US over Afghanistan issue

Pakistan’s Imran Khan government has refused to attend a virtual democracy conference called by US President Joe Biden. The Pakistani Foreign Ministry said this on Wednesday. However, no reason has been given by the Pakistani side for withdrawing from the summit.

At the summit, which begins on December 9, the United States decided to invite Pakistan, excluding Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China and Russia. Pakistan has been expressing its displeasure over the carelessness of the Biden government, but when it first received a call from the United States for a special conference, it turned it down.

Pakistan was embarrassed not to invite China to the summit

According to a report in Pakistan’s The Express Tribune, China’s special friend China has not been invited to attend the summit from the White House, and Pakistan has reportedly refused to attend.

US President Joe Biden has reportedly continued to ignore Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan. This may also be one of the reasons why Pakistan withdrew from the summit.

The US President is hosting the Democratic Summit on December 9 and 10, which will be attended by politicians from more than 100 countries, including India. Only four countries in South Asia have been invited to the summit, which includes India, Nepal, Pakistan and the Maldives.

The United States did not call Russia or China

Russia and China have been excluded from the Democratic summit. It is believed that Pakistan did not attend the summit in a bid to show solidarity with China. According to the report, it is unclear how much influence China has on Pakistan’s decision. However, official sources said that Pakistan has not held any talks with China on the issue.

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Relations between the US and Pakistan over the Afghanistan issue have come to a standstill

Pakistan and the United States have had a bitter relationship for some time over the Afghanistan issue. The United States has expressed dissatisfaction with some of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s statements regarding the Afghan Taliban. Last month, while explaining to Pakistani lawmakers about Afghanistan, it was said that the relationship between Pakistan and the United States was at a very low level.