February 4, 2023

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Black Hawk Philippines: BrahMos Philippines to buy 32 new Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter: Philippines approves purchase of BrahMos missile from India.


  • The Philippines, which purchased the BrahMos missile from India, is currently purchasing the Black Hawk helicopter.
  • The agreement is being discussed amid tensions with China, which will drastically increase the air capacity of the Philippines
  • Conflict over Philippines with China in the South China Sea, disputes over islands

Philippines from India Brammos Following the purchase of the supersonic cruise missile, another arms deal was approved. The Philippine defense chief has said his country is 32 Black hawk helicopter Going to buy. These helicopters will strengthen the 12 existing helicopters in the Philippines. These Black Hawk helicopters will be purchased from PZL Mielec, a Polish-based Sikorsky airline subsidiary. The Black Hawk is the world’s most powerful medium lift tactical transport helicopter. The helicopter will fly at a maximum speed of 357 kmph and a range of 583 kmph. Can also be used as an attack helicopter with weapons and missiles.

Purchase of 32 Black Hawks for $ 624 million
The announcement for the purchase of the new helicopters was made on December 28 last year, according to Philippine Defense Minister Delphine Lorenzana. The deal, which will cost 32 billion pesos ($ 624 million), will include 32 Black Hawk helicopters and logistics support, a pilot training and maintenance team. The first five of these Black Hawk helicopters will be delivered in 2023, Lorenzana said.

The Philippines will receive 32 Black Hawks by 2026
The remaining Black Hawk helicopters will be delivered to the Philippines in three batches. Of this, 10 helicopters are scheduled to be delivered in 2024, 10 helicopters in 2025 and 7 helicopters in 2026. Lorenzana said there was a huge shortage of transport planes and helicopters during the Corona virus epidemic and Typhoon Roy. Relying on old helicopters does not work.

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South China Sea Dispute: Philippines sends ships in defiance of Chinese sanctions, peak tension in South China Sea
Hurricane Roy wreaked havoc in the Philippines
Roy was the 15th typhoon last year and the worst storm to hit the Philippines. More than 400 were killed in the Philippines alone. The December hurricane caused extensive damage in the central and southern parts of the Philippines. In the aftermath of the storm, the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said in a statement on Sunday that the world’s worst disaster in 2021 had occurred in the Philippines. A month later, hundreds of thousands of people still need food and clean water, shelter and security support.


Philippines buys BrahMos from India
The Philippines a few days ago approved the purchase of the world’s fastest anti-ship supersonic anti-ship missile, the BrahMos missile, from India. The entire missile deal will be worth about $ 3704 million. An agreement in this regard will be signed soon between the two countries. This is the first foreign order for a BrahMos missile. This includes about three units with 100 BrahMos missiles.

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China is also at loggerheads with the Philippines
There is an old dispute between China and the Philippines over islands located in the South China Sea. In November, the Chinese navy attacked and sank two ships carrying food and water from the Philippines to sailors. This was followed by a shortage of food and essentials for the Philippine Marines defending the disputed Shoal Island. China considers it to be part of the Whitson Rock of the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea. The Philippine navy made several attempts to capture the Juliana Philippe rock, but each time they were chased away by Chinese boats.

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