February 7, 2023

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‘Blood-stained face’, who is the Ukrainian woman who has dominated the world? – Ukrainian woman’s bloody face iconic photo Russian missile attack Putin Russia Ukraine war tstf

Highlights of the story

  • Debate about this Ukrainian woman in the middle of the war
  • He was seriously injured in the attack

Russia-Ukraine crisis: Hundreds of people have been killed in the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Many more were injured. Meanwhile, the picture of the Ukrainian woman injured in the attack caught the world’s attention. The face of the frightened woman in the picture was bloodied. Now some more pictures of the same woman have been released which show what it was like before the war.

The Daily Mail reports that the picture of the Ukrainian woman injured in the Russian missile attack has been named as Olena Kurilo. Curillo, 53, is a schoolteacher and lives in the Sukhov area of ​​Kharkiv. But after the Russian invasion the day before, his life changed in an instant.

Blood stain on the face of a Ukrainian woman

In fact, the Kharkiv region of Ukraine also came under the Jedi of Russian airstrikes. This is the home of Olena Gurillo. Gurillo’s house was completely destroyed in the attack. Gurillo was also seriously injured, although his life was spared. There was a blood stain on his face in the post-attack photo. Her film (Ukrainian female iconic film) made headlines around the world.

Olena Gurillo is a nature enthusiast

All the pictures of Olena Kurillo before the start of the war come to the fore, in which she is seen in the garden. Gurillo is said to be a nature enthusiast.

Olena Curillo

The school teacher has released a collection of his pictures of Gurillo surrounded by flowers, of which he is very happy. But after the Russian invasion, his joy turned to sadness.

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Photo- Olena Gurillo

As Olena Kurillo puts it, “I never thought anything like this would happen in my life.” The house was completely destroyed. She is emotional when she describes the tragedy that befell her.