January 27, 2023

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Boyfriend lifts girlfriend’s eyelids: Boyfriend steals 150000 yuan boyfriend lifts girlfriend’s eyelids Phone recognition: Loves boyfriend lifts girlfriend’s eyelids 150000 yuan in China


  • The boyfriend who opened his girlfriend’s phone and robbed her of money in China
  • He first unlocked the phone with a processor with fingerprint and facial recognition
  • Alipay Payment App stole 150,000 yuan from girlfriend’s account

A man has been sentenced to three years in prison for stealing his girlfriend’s eyelids while sleeping in China and stealing 18 18,000 (Rs 18 lakh). This person’s girlfriend had enabled face recognition on her phone. In this situation, while she was asleep, the boyfriend secretly took his girlfriend’s eyelids and unlocked the phone. He then stole about 000 18,000 from his girlfriend’s bank accounts.

The court sentenced the boyfriend to 3 years in prison
The court named Huang after the identity of her 28-year-old boyfriend, who was sentenced to three years in prison. It has been reported that the boyfriend in Nanning was waiting for his girlfriend to fall asleep before opening the Huawei phone. He then opened his girlfriend’s fingerprint and face identity and stole the money. A Chinese court has ruled that this is a betrayal.

Open mobile with fingerprint and apps with facial recognition
According to The Times, the court document states that Huang tried to open the Alipay mobile payment platform processor after opening the phone with his fingerprint. But, this processor has been removed by the girlfriend Facial recognition system Locked from then Huang lifted his girlfriend’s eyelids while she was sleeping and opened the alibi processor.

Converted over 150,000 yuan
Huang later changed the password for his girlfriend’s Alibaba processor and transferred more than 150,000 yuan from his bank accounts. The victim has been identified as Dong by family name. In December last year, Tang met her boyfriend Huang. After that the meetings between the two began to escalate. The boyfriend decided to look at Tank’s bank balance and rob him.

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Addicted lover to gambling
Huang mixed the drug in his girlfriend’s diet and lifted her eyelids before opening the alibi processor. The girlfriend who ate this was in a deep sleep. Huang has also been addicted to gambling and is in debt of millions of rupees. After stealing money from the account, he wrote a police report against girlfriend Huang, who was later arrested.

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