October 4, 2022

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Brazilian politician on Ukrainian women: Ukrainian refugee crisis provokes Brazilian politician’s sexual comments about women leaving Ukraine

Russian attacks on Ukraine have displaced millions of people. These people have taken refuge in many countries in Europe. Alam is where the general public has to spend the night outdoors in the bitter cold. In the midst of this human tragedy, a right-wing leader in Brazil has made a very shameful statement. Arthur Doval, 35, a Member of Parliament from So Paulo, visited Ukraine for a diplomatic mission and described Ukrainian women as “cheap” and very “attractive.”

Arthur’s leaked record has caused a stir in the Brazilian media. He has been widely criticized for making such a disgusting statement about the homelessness of millions of Ukrainians. In his controversial statement, Arthur said, ‘I have walked the border between Ukraine and Slovakia. Brother, I swear I have never seen such beautiful women before. Refugee training … is with beautiful women 200 meters long or more.

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Women are called cheap because they are poor
According to the Guardian, Arthur added that the line of girls was so beautiful that women standing outside a Brazilian nightclub could not explode around them. The newspaper reported that Arthur called these women cheap because they were poor. Brazilian media have reported that Arthur also abused soldiers stationed on the border between Ukraine and Slovakia. He said I would come back here after this war.

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On the other hand, Arthur, the wife of the former ambassador of Ukraine to Brazil, has been harshly critical of the statement and called for a little respect for those with bad thinking. After all the rounds were over, Arthur made it clear that he was too thrilled and had said such a disgusting thing. We tell you that millions of people from Ukraine go to countries like Poland and Romania to save their lives. Many of them women are at risk of becoming sex addicts.

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