October 2, 2022

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson 90 percent of Govt patients in the ICU do not have a booster jab

London. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Supporting its decision not to impose restrictions in the UK on Wednesday, it said 90 per cent of people in the country are infected with the corona virus. Booster dose of vaccine Did not pick up. Arriving at a vaccination center in the country, Prime Minister Johnson appealed to the public to take the booster dose of the vaccine. He said a large portion of the country’s population currently in the ICU has not taken the booster dose of the vaccine.

In Milton Keynes in central England, the Prime Minister said, “I’m talking to doctors who say there are a large number of people in the ICU who do not take the third dose of the vaccine.” He warned that those who were not vaccinated were eight times more likely to reach the hospital. Cases are being reported in the UK due to the omigron variant of the corona virus. In Europe, about 1,48,021 people have died from the corona virus.

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About 32.5 million people in the country have taken the booster dose so far, Johnson said. Johnson appealed to the 2.4 million people who had taken two doses of the vaccine 6 months ago, and then they should come forward with a booster dose.

24 lakh eligible people did not take the third dose
According to an estimate, about 24 lakh people in the country who are eligible for the two-dose vaccine have not yet taken the booster dose and by the New Year they should consciously come forward with this task, the Prime Minister said. Johnson said, “Omigran variation continues to be a real problem. You’ll see an increase in cases in hospitals. But it has a milder effect than the delta form.” He added that most of those admitted to hospitals were without a booster dose.

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In the UK, cases of infections caused by Omicron continue to rise, but cases of hospitalization of victims do not increase as rapidly. Tuesday’s figures for Govt infections include only the number of victims during the Christmas holidays in England and Wales, and figures for the whole of Britain, including Scotland and Northern Ireland, are expected in early January next year.

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The NHS Govt vaccination program continues to set records, with about 2.5 lakh people being vaccinated on Monday.

Dr Emily Lawson, head of the NHS Govt vaccination program, said: “We are contacting thousands of people this week to seek greater protection against the threat of omigran.

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