June 6, 2023

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British student who understood labor pains as menstrual pain, I did not know I was pregnant. A British student who was preparing for a birthday party has seen childbirth in the bathroom

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A shocking incident has come to light from Bristol, England. Jess Davis, who studied at the University of Southampton, was surprised to suddenly give birth to a baby boy while in the bathroom before her birthday party. For 20-year-old Davis, she knows nothing about pregnancy because she does not have a baby bump like normal pregnant women.

Irregular menstruation is considered pregnancy
According to The Independent, Davis mistakenly considered abdominal pain caused by pregnancy to be a problem during irregular menstruation. She says- For me menstruation is always irregular, so I do not notice pregnancy. Sometimes my health also got worse, but I realized that it was the effect of my medication.

Jess Davis prepares for her birthday party before the baby is born.

Jess Davis prepares for her birthday party before the baby is born.

Toilet supplies
This strange incident happened on the night of Davis’ birthday. The day before, he had made a bath solution to relieve his pain, but the pain was still getting worse. Davis was in labor, but she did not notice the possibility. The night before the party, he suddenly wanted to go to the toilet. He then sat on the toilet and began to push.

Davis says she did not know she was giving birth on her own. After hearing the baby cry, she realized that her life had completely changed.

Jess Davis in hospital with her son Freddie.

Jess Davis in hospital with her son Freddie.

The birth of a child was like a dream
Davis said having a baby was like a dream come true for him. He says – this is the biggest setback of my life. At first I felt like I was dreaming. I did not understand the truth until I saw him crying. After seeing him I understood that I have to grow now.

Davis names his son Freddie Oliver Davis. When he was born on June 11, his weight was about 3 kilograms. If Davis is to be believed, Freddie is a quiet-born baby and is known to everyone in the hospital as the ‘quiet baby’.

Both the baby and the mother are fine
Doctors said the health of both the baby and the mother was good. After the baby was born, Davis’ friend took both of them to the hospital, after which the baby was placed in an incubator. According to doctors, Freddie was born at 35 weeks.

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