June 2, 2023

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Canada sent about $ 1 billion in financial aid to Ukraine

Russia Ukraine Crisis Latest News: The Indian Embassy in Ukraine tweeted on Sunday night, “A mission team is camping in Poltava to coordinate the safe evacuation of Indian students from Sumi to reach the western border via Poltava. The confirmed time and date will be announced soon.”

Russia Ukraine Crisis Live: Monday (7 March 2022) is the 12th day of war between Ukraine and Russia. Prime Minister Modi spoke with the President of Ukraine and spoke by phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin. ANI quoted government sources as saying. During the talks, Prime Minister Putin was told to speak directly with the Ukrainian president, in addition to the delegation. Meanwhile, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that Canada has sent about $ 1 billion in financial aid to Ukraine.

At the same time, an Indian Air Force plane carrying Indian nationals, including an Indian national Harjot Singh, who was wounded in Kiev, Ukraine, reached Hindon Air Base from Rizov (Poland). Then his father thanked Prime Minister Modi. He said he would like to thank the Prime Minister for getting our son out of there.

In the war against Russia, the United States and other NATO member states have so far supplied more than 17,000 anti-tank weapons to Ukraine. Thus the New York Times reported. Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Defense has shared some very important information. The Pentagon says Russia has launched 600 missile strikes on Ukraine so far.

India’s campaign to expel its citizens from Ukraine has reached its final stage amid continuing escalating conflict. India on Sunday also mobilized efforts to expel more than 700 Indians from the city of Sumi in Ukraine. However, it did not succeed as shelling and airstrikes continued. 4 buses have been dispatched to rescue the students trapped there. The Indian Embassy in Ukraine has set up a mission team to camp in Poltava to coordinate the safe evacuation of Indian students from Sumi to reach the western border via Poltava. The embassy also advised students to be informed and be prepared to leave immediately at all times. In a major announcement on Monday, the Russian military said it would open two avenues for Indian students. Both these routes are great for Indian students in Sumi. On Monday afternoon, Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke on the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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At 11.30am on Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a 35-minute telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky. Then, Prime Minister Modi spoke about helping to rescue Indian students trapped in Sumi. He also thanked them for helping to evacuate Indian civilians from war-torn areas. Ukrainian President Zhelensky said after a telephone conversation with Prime Minister Modi that he had informed the Indian Prime Minister about the anti-Russian attack. India commended Ukraine’s commitment to providing assistance to Indian citizens stranded in Ukraine during the war and for peaceful dialogue at the highest level.

On the other hand, China’s statement comes amid Russian attacks on Ukraine. Dragon said the friendship between China and Russia is absolutely firm. At the same time, the Chinese Foreign Minister said that he would play a serious role in ending the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia.

Defense Minister Rajnath Singh met the leaders of the Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Indian Navy. During this time, he examined the impact on India of the sanctions imposed on Russia by the United States and other Western countries. About 50 per cent of all armed organizations in India are from Russia. Indian students shot dead in Ukraine have reached the Polish border after being treated at Harjot Singh Hospital. He was brought to Poland by ambulance. They were greeted by Indian embassy officials at the border and were now taken to Rejo Airport. Harjot Singh was hit by two bullets. Currently he is out of danger.

On the one hand, as India makes every effort to expel Indians from Ukraine, the fierce war between Ukraine and Russia is escalating. On Monday, Ukraine claimed to have shot down a Russian warplane in Kharkiv. On the other hand, the Polish Border Guard, an agency of Poland’s neighbor Ukraine, claims that 1 million people have crossed the border into Poland since the war. According to the RIA Novosti news agency, 50 Russian diplomats have returned with their families from New York to Moscow.

Ukraine claims to be demolishing Kia bridge

In Kharkiv, Ukraine claims to have blown up a bridge where Russian soldiers were standing. On March 6, Ukraine claimed that Russia had fired eight missiles at Vinicia. Vinicia’s airport was destroyed in the attack. In addition, an explosion in the Ukrainian city of Lushank set fire to an oil depot here. Ukraine says two civilians have been killed in a Russian missile strike on a residential building in Kramdosk. Ukraine has also said it shot down a Russian warplane in the Kharkiv region.

Russia imposes tough sanctions on New Zealand

New Zealand is preparing to impose tougher sanctions on Russia. New Zealand is set to introduce a bill soon. Of these, several arrangements have been made for sanctions on Russia. New Zealand Prime Minister Jacintha Arden has said she will confiscate all Russian assets in her country. At the same time, it will prevent the company and its compatriots from investing in Russia. New Zealand will also prevent all ships and aircraft from entering Russian air and sea waters. Ukraine urges UN tribunal to stop Russian attacks Ukraine has told the International Court of Justice that Russia is committing genocide by lying. Russian attacks must be stopped immediately. New Zealand has banned 100 prominent Russian citizens, including Vladimir Putin. New Zealand’s list includes Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mistin, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu and Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Opposition to Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine is growing in Russia. On Sunday, 5,000 Russian citizens were arrested for protesting against the decision to invade Ukraine.

Live updates

Russia Ukraine Crisis Live Updates: A group is camping in the city of Poltava to reach the western border via Poltava, in order to expel Indian students from Sumi, Ukraine.

India is bringing its citizens through Romania, Poland, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova. These Indians have crossed the land border points of Ukraine and reached these countries. The first flight was on February 26 from Bucharest picking up stranded Indians. Ukraine has closed its airspace to civilian aircraft following Russia’s military operation. About 2,500 Indians were evacuated on 13 flights in the last 24 hours, according to officials. He said seven flights were planned in the next 24 hours to pick up stranded Indians from Hungary, Romania and Poland. There will be five flights from Budapest, one each from Rissov in Poland and Suseva in Romania. “Under Operation Ganga, 76 planes have so far brought more than 15,920 Indians to India,” an official said. Of these 76 flights, 13 have returned to India in the last 24 hours. The Embassy of India in Hungary tweeted, “Important Information: The Embassy of India begins the final phase of evacuation flights today under Operation Ganga. Are taken.