March 25, 2023

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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau visits secret location, the country’s anti-vaccine resistance is growing – Canadian PM moves to secret location as protests against Govt rules erupt NTC

Highlights of the story

  • There has been opposition to making the corona vaccine mandatory
  • As many as 50,000 truck drivers besieged Prime Minister Trudeau’s residence in protest

Violent protests continue in Canada against the need for the corona vaccine. In the midst of the protests, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau left home with his family. Reports say Justin Trudeau has gone into hiding in the wake of the protests. In fact, the Trudeau government has made it mandatory for truck drivers to be vaccinated across the U.S. border. Motorists have joined the struggle to condemn this.

Protesters likened Govt controls to fascism. During a demonstration in the capital on Saturday, people sharply criticized Prime Minister Trudeau. One of the protesters said that making the vaccine mandatory was not a health issue but a government ploy to control things. The intensification of protests in Canada can be seen from the fact that 50,000 truck drivers surrounded the Prime Minister’s residence in the capital, Ottawa, on Saturday.

(Photo courtesy: Reuters)

The police administration is on high alert

As the struggles are increasing, the police have been involved in serious surveillance since the risk of violence in the country. About 10,000 people turned out for parliament on Saturday, according to an official police statement. At present, the police do not have an exact figure of how many protesters are on the parliament premises.

(Photo courtesy: Reuters)

Truck drivers are also outraged by this controversial statement

Earlier, in a controversial statement, the Canadian Prime Minister described truckers as “insignificant minorities”. Thus truck drivers are also furious. Prime Minister Trudeau has said that truckers are unscientific and that they pose a danger not only to themselves but also to other Canadians.

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According to reports, 82 percent of people in Canada are currently vaccinated against corona.