February 7, 2023

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Cancer: Growing Hair on the Tongue! Why did this happen to a woman suffering from cancer? – Why does this happen to a woman suffering from hair cancer growing on the tongue

Highlights of the story

  • One woman was diagnosed with oral cancer
  • Encountered many problems

Oral cancer: Hair grows on a woman’s tongue, which may surprise you. But true. In fact, this woman was suffering from cancer. While battling cancer, doctors operated and cut off part of his tongue, after which the tissue of the foot was removed and grafted. Overall, the tissue of the foot was attached to his tongue. But now the hair is growing back on the woman’s tongue.

According to the Daily Star, Cameron Newsome, 42, had skin cancer of the tongue (squamous cell carcinoma). Due to this, a part of the tongue had to be removed. The doctors then removed the area on his leg and fitted it on his tongue. But recently the re-growth of hair on his tongue has come as a surprise.

Cameron, who lives in Colorado, said that when I was diagnosed with cancer, I had lost about 7 pounds. Thus I could not eat or drink anything. He said he was diagnosed with cancer three years later. Once I felt like I was close to death. But after that I thought I would fight cancer. I was 33 then.

After several chemotherapy, she said the tumor was finally removed from her tongue. My surgery took about 9 hours. The doctors took a piece of my leg and put it on my tongue. Cameron says most of the skin is removed from the hand. Since my height is 5 feet 2 inches, my skin in that area is not so much. The skin was not removed from there in such a condition.

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He says his mouth was badly swollen when he was diagnosed with cancer. I could not breathe and could not eat anything. He then underwent surgery. But after 9 years he did not get cancer again, but the hair on his tongue had grown. She says, whenever I look in the mirror, it looks like her leg hairs are growing on her tongue. Cameron also said that the taste can only be felt in the right hand part of the tongue.